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We are looking to hire 1 junior lawyer called to the Singapore Bar on a permanent basis. Practice areas include litigation (commercial, family work, criminal, dispute resolutions), corporate and solicitors’ work. Guaranteed work-life balance and staff welfare is a priority to our practice. PQE minimum 1 year. Ability to converse in Mandarin is required.  If interested, please kindly contact our Ms Lim Kim Hong at 96367742 or send an email with your resume to 


We welcome applications for vacation attachments from law students and individuals who are contemplating applying for pre-qualification training at M/s Kim & Co. to work in all areas of our practice to gain exposure to the Singapore legal system and what goes on in the daily life of a practicing lawyer in Singapore. The programme will provide interns an opportunity to have first-hand insight into the life of a practising lawyer and allows us to identify potential candidates or training contracts.

Interns can expect to attend court proceedings, meetings and assist in tasks such as research and the preparation of legal documents.


If you would like to find out more about our practice training contract or attachment programmes, contact us at: 



“… I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single day of my internship here…Kim & Co comes across as a happy family that I have been honoured to be part of it…..”

“… congrats on your string of successful hearings Ms Lim! Hope the trend continues..” “…. Many congratulations Ms Lim. God upholds the righteous. May He continue to look over you..."

“….Thanks for the delicious meals, the relaxing treats like manicure and massages…. I have learnt tremendously and grown as an individual and of course, felt the strong sense of belonging to the KIM & CO family…”





“… everyone at KIM & Co is really friendly and no one is afraid to share and help each other out. I am impressed at the close relationships everyone in the office shares….”

“Thank you so much for all the guidance you’ve given me throughout the course of my internship at KIM & Co. I can feel the warmth and closeness of the firm….”

“… I came new and inexperienced but you patiently guided me through the complexity of legal materials. Not only that, you invested your time into me by sharing your personal experiences over many lunches…”



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